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Protopresbyter Dr. GABRIEL MANDRILA

Protopresbyter Dr. GABRIEL MANDRILA

Protopresbyter Dr. GABRIEL MANDRILA

Holy Monastery Vlatadon

Ἑπταπυργίου 64 (Ἄνω Πόλη)

Τ.Κ. 54634

Thessaloniki, Greece

e-mail: gabrielmandrila@hotmail.com

Graduated of:

  1. Teologic Seminary „Mitropolitul Dosoftei” – Suceava/Romania (1995).
  2. Orthodox School of Theology of University of Bucharest (1999).
  3. Master of Orthodox School of Theology of Bucharest (2000).
  4. Musical Conservatoire of „Nichita the New” from Serres, Greece (2000-2002).
  5. PhD in Theology of Orthodox School of Theology of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with a thesis about „The Aesthetics in the Art of discourse of the Church. With a reference of hymnological work of St. John of Damascus” (Thessaloniki 2008).
  6. Absolvent of biennial lecture of Greek Paleography, organized at the Centre of Hagiological Studies of Holy Monastery of Sf. Theodora in Thessalonica (2008-2010).


  1. From March 2007 I am priest at the Holy Stavropegic Monastery Vlatadon fromThessaloniki, Greece.
  2. From 2009, Member of translators of Commission of translation of patristic texts of Romanian Patriarchate.[1]

 Other languages:

–       Ancient Greek, modern Greek, Latin, French, English.


– „Saint John of Damascus: The Byzantine Music Notation and the Theology of Holy Icons” a paper delivered at the international Congress Crossroads – Greece as an intercultural pole of musical thought and creativity, 6-10 June 2011, Thessalonica.[2]

– «The Aesthetic in the hymnological work of St. John of Damascus », at the international Conference Byzantine music in the 21st century. Problematics and prospectives, – organized at University Macedonia – Thessalonic (2007).

a interview „The Church of Ortodoxy under the sign of icons (Duminica Ortodoxiei sub semnul icoanei)”, in the newspaper „Lumina”/24 februarie 2007, pp. 4-5.


Translations in Romanian, in collaboration with my wife, Laura Mândrilă (master in classic literature & Phd in Theology): 

  1. Patristic literature:
  2. The Homilies of St. John of Damascus (Cuvântări la sărbători împărăteşti, la sărbători ale Maicii Domnului şi la Sfinţi), ΕΙΒΜΒΟR Bucharest 2010,[3] with and a introduction (pp. 7 – 20) and notes, including a prologue of his Beatitude, Daniel, Patriarch of Orthodox Church of Romania (pp. 5-6).
  3. Festal Letters (I-XII) of St. Cyril of Alexandria, ed. Metafraze/Sophia, Bucharest 2012, with a introduction (pp. 9 – 60) and notes.
  4. About virginity of Basilius of Ancyra.
  5. The Viae Duxof Anastasius of Sinai.
  1. from modern Greek:
  2. Γνῶθισαυτόνof St. Nektarius of Pentapole, with an introduction (pp. 5 – 43) and notes, ed. Metafraze/Sophia Bucharest 2012.
  3. John Romanides, The Patristic Theology, with an introduction (pp.5 – 35) and notes, ed. Metafraze 2011.
  4. Alexandros Papadiamandis, The “Songs of God” and other stories (Cântecele lui Dumnezeu şi alte povestiri), with an introduction (pp. 5 – 52) and notes, ed. Metafraze/Sofia, Bucharest 2011.
  5. Anastasios Yanoulatos, Archbishop of Albania, Ortododoxy and Mondialzation (Ortodoxia şi problemele lumii contemprane), in collaboration with rev. dr. Constantin Coman (ed. Bizantină 2003).
  6. rev. dr. Filotheos Pharos, The alienation of Christian ethos (Înstrăinarea ethosului creştin, ed. Platytera 2004).
  7. Alexandros Papadiamandis, Stories about Christmas (Povestiri de Crăciun, with an introduction (pp. 5 – 18) and notes ed. Metafraze/Sophia Bucharest 2011).
  1. From English:
  2. Rev. Georges Florovsky, Biserica, Scriptura, Tradiţia – Trupul viu al lui Hristos – (a selection of articles), in collaboration with Florin Caragiu(ed. Platytera 2005).



[2]On line at: http://crossroads.mus.auth.gr/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/CROSSROADS_PROCEEDINGS.pdf, pp. 545-552.